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“I have not had so much energy in a long time. My body feels youthful and I'm actually sleeping better."


“I love it here.. I’m now on my 10th bag/month and I have come a LONG way❤️ Nothing but greatness. I’m so blessed that my medical doctor (he don’t know I done adopted him as my godfather) introduced me to edibolistic.. And it’s been my BLEND for me ever since.. My feet/ankles haven’t swollen in a minute. I have fell in a minute.. Skin is popping. Hair is popping. Nails is popping. Positivity turned in to productivity"


“I have not had so much energy in a long time. My body feels youthful and I'm actually sleeping better."


This product is a GOD sent. I suffered from pain especially in my legs and knees. Now that pain has almost went away. I am going to the restroom normally. My skin looks better. Every day I was tired, feeling weak, not sleeping and no energy to keep up daily. I am enjoying the fact that every day I have so much more energy to get things done and to help out with my grandchildren. I have not been sleeping for a very long time and now I am getting the best sleep.
I am so Thankful for what the Custom Blend Supplements have brought back into my life!


I love the results I am receiving already from the Custom Blend Supplements. I am able to go to sleep with no interruptions and rest my body. I have not been able to sleep since I became my husband's caregiver. I see my hair and nails are starting to grow back. I was always tired and didn't have any energy. I now have the energy and the motivation to do the things that need to be done. I was also in pain and now my pain has decreased significantly. THANK YOU!!!! I feel so much better. This product works.


I have been using this supplement for the past 9 months and I am very pleased with the results. I haven't had acid reflux, and my sinus problems have cleared up.


Yes the product has worked. My cholesterol is lower and my kidney grf has improved.


I have been taking the herbs for about six-month now covid came in my house twice it didn't hit me my blood pressure is now normal and I sleep at night no cpap machine and went from 257 now at 242.I thank God for these herbs.


Astounding product! I have been fighting the battle of the bulge my entire life. Tried every diet and every product on the market other than surgery. Nothing worked or had lasting results. I tried Edibolistic’s custom blend and explained my challenge was weight loss! I don’t know what they put in this herbal bomb but with 30 minutes a day walking and eating less...I have lost 120lbs since February 25, 2020. And still going!! Energy is at an all time high and I am able to do things I have not been able to do since high school! Now I’m not saying the supplement alone did this...I had to be disciplined in walking at least 30 minutes a day and lowering my calorie intake...but the supplement accelerated everything naturally! Amazing!!


I love the Herbal Custom Protein Powder Blend.  Now that I have been taking the Protein Blend & Custom Blend combination, my world has changed for the Better!!! WOW this is powerful punch combination.  I have now started developing energy throughout the body. Before I would be so weak that everything I did was a struggle. Now my mind has more positive thinking. The negative mindset and thinking is gradually disappearing. I know have develop more self- motivation. It feels good to have my mind and body to start communicating on the same page.  I see and feel the restoration of my muscles, mind, energy level and the ability to carry out chores or other projects from start to finish.Blessings,
Alicia A.

One of my girlfriends bragged continuously about this herbal feminine wash.  I decided to check it out.  I will say I was skeptical at first.  I never thought I would find a herbal feminine wash which is gently scented and customized for my feminine needs.  I've enjoyed the feminine wash so much that I bought feminine washes for my three daughters.  We love love the feminine wash.  Furthermore, this wash gives a cool, tingling sensation once you apply a quarter size amount on your yoni.  This herbal feminine wash allows my yoni to feel and smell fresh.    If you have a little nip from the razor or burn from the wax, this wash would repair the broken skin.  Every woman should have this wash in their personal care.  Beware ladies about this herbal feminine wash!  This wash causes men follow you around the room.  It has a mystical response to men. :)  One day I walked by a male colleague.  He quickly turned around to compliment my fragrance.  Guess what!  I did not apply any perfume of body spray on this particular day.  This natural aromatic scent came from me.  I know natural pheromones were activated something down there was working.  Thank you Edibolistic! 

Cassie G. 

I tell you, when I was introduced to this product (THE V) by a friend, this was the best thing that could have happened to my box (vajayjay). Baaaby since using this product it's way more fresh and way more tighter! 
I tried to use my special toy that I used before and I noticed the difference right away  washing with a customized product is a win ,win for me.Now my VJay is tight and  right... I have introduced many of my friends and female coworkers to this product... Soon there will be a world full of snapback tight (vajay jays) try it you won't be disappointed..


I was admitted to the hospital for Pneumonia. I received Antibiotics in the vein everyday for a week and other medications to fight the pneumonia. I was then sent home with more antibiotic pills to take by mouth.  I experienced discomfort, irritation, burning when urinating, itching, swelling etc..It was not fun going to the bathroom with all of these issues. I developed a bad case of yeast infection from taking antibiotics for such a long period of time. I reached out to the Edibolistic Team because I was miserable.  They told me they have a product to help with this, so I ordered it. It is called The “V” ( it for the womens vulva & vagina ). OMG!! It works.  I put this foam cream on me several times a day because I could not only feel but see it working.  It comes with directions but I did it at least 3 times a day and again right before bedtime.  It even feels good putting it on because you feel how it calms the area down while healing it. The healthcare nurse called me to check in and see how I was doing and asked if I needed more medications.  I proudly said NO because the “V” and edibolistics products worked so well and expeditiously to where I did not need pharmaceutical medications.  Even though my problem has been cured I still use the “V” product.The “V” works wonders. My Vulva is never dry and it stays hydrated all the time.  My Vulva is so soft and now it has a glow to it.  I have paid more attention to this area of my body since I have been using the product because you can see the transformation happen right before your eyes. This product is now a part of my daily routine. Thank you EDIBOLISTIC TEAM! It is a beautiful feeling when you can trust the products and supplements that come from you. I just Let Go & Order.

Alicia A. 

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